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No license or agreement to license will exist until all Asset Management Partners, Inc.'s licensing requirements have been met. These requirements include execution of a written license document signed by each licensee and an authorized official of Asset Management Partners, Inc., payment of appropriate license fees, and other requirements as determined by Asset Management Partners, Inc. from time to time.

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You shall observe and comply with all applicable laws, including but not limited to land use regulations, game laws, endangered or protected species laws, environmental laws and criminal laws pertaining to use or manufacture of controlled substances (i.e. marijuana or meth labs), ordinances, requirements, orders, directives, rules and regulations of any Federal, State or local governmental authority having jurisdiction.

Asset Management Partners, Inc. makes no warranties concerning the condition of the Land or its suitability for your purposes. The Land is taken and accepted by you in an "as is" condition. Your hunting club members, agents, employees, and guests shall enter upon the Land at their own risk; You acknowledge and agree that Asset Management Partners, Inc. shall have no liability of any kind or character to you or your invitees, employees, contractors, agents or servants by reason of any damage to property or of physical injury to any such persons.