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AMP Hunting Land - Turkey Hunting - Southeast United States

Frequently Asked Questions


How do I license property from AMPHuntingLand for hunting?

  1. Create an account on AMPHuntingLand using the “create account” button on the menu
  2. Search for tracts that meet your criteria by either using the “Tract Locator Search” or the map
  3. Once you find your desired tract; select “License Now” and follow steps that will lead you through the licensing process
    • Your license document will display on your screen, at the bottom of this document is a link to Paypal® where you can pay by credit card.
    • Sign up for a PayPal account if you do not already have one.
  4. Print the entire document, read the cover page outlining the instructions, complete the license document in accordance with the cover page, and then return the license document via your selected mail carrier with payment within 10 days of selecting the tract on AMPHuntingLand.

Who should I contact if I have questions or concerns about licensing a tract on AMPHuntingLand?
Contact Jeremy Tankersley at 850-258-0042 or via email at
You also may use the “contact us” button on the menu to send an email to our staff.

What do I do if I have a technical question about using
Call our offices at 334.222.0838

If a tract is listed as available; can I go and see the tract to determine if it suits my interests?
Once you have read and accepted the Terms and Conditions; you may look at any property listed as available on AMPHuntingLand unless otherwise noted in the “special conditions” section.

How long should it take to receive my license agreement via email once I select “License Tract” on AMPHuntingLand?
You will receive an email with the tract license agreement from AMPHuntingLand within 12 hours of selecting “License Tract”

After I have mailed my payment and completed License Agreement to AMPHuntingLand, when can I start actively recreating on the tract in accordance with State game laws and license agreement terms?
Once you receive a signed license agreement from AMPHuntingLand you may begin actively recreating on the property within the laws of the State and license agreement.  This will usually be within 7 days of mailing your agreement to AMPHuntingLand.

You refer to the agreement between the hunting club and AMPHuntingLand as a license.  I thought that I got my license from the State and a lease from you guys?
The term license is actually a legal term that refers to the activity being agreed upon.  Hunting actually falls under the term license because its existence between the landowner and the hunting club does not give the hunting club exclusive uses of the property for any purpose other than hunting.  It doesn’t really change any of the privileges that existed in what was historically called a “lease,” it is just a correction in the use of the two terms that has been directed by members of the legal staffs of many landowners.  You still need a license from the State in addition to your license agreement.

Can I license more than one tract from AMPHuntingLand?
Yes, you can license as many tracts as you like from AMPHuntingLand.  However, you are not allowed to sub-lease or to operate a guided hunting service on tracts licensed from AMPHuntingLand.

Can I gate and lock the tract once I have licensed it?
Unless otherwise noted, you can gate entrances to the property and lock the gate with your lock.  If you do install a new gate; supply a key or the combination to AMPHuntingLand.  In most instances, there will be a gate at entrances.  If there is already a locked gate at the entrance; simply install your lock in conjunction with the landowner’s lock so that either will open the gate without the other having to be unlocked.  Always write the name of your hunt club with a marker on all locks to avoid having them removed.

Does AMPHuntingLand own the property on the site? 
No, AMPHuntingLand is a contract hunting and recreation manager focused on improving the recreational experience of hunting clubs and the relationship with landowners.

Are there a range of dates when AMPHuntingLand places tracts on the site for licensing?
AMPHuntingLand licenses property year round for recreational hunting depending on availability.  Typically, available tracts are posted on June 1st.  However, there may be tracts that come available throughout the year so it is always a good idea to look at the site at least once per week if you are looking for a tract to license.

Are there license agreements available for more than one year?
Tracts with the availability for longer term agreements will be noted as such in the comments field of the search results page and in the term of the license agreement.

How much will the rate change from year to year on a given tract?
Tract pricing varies from year to year based on a complex formula which takes into account the habitat quality for game species, perceived quality for recreation, regional demand for hunting, and inflationary influences.  It is not necessarily certain that tract price will increase every year.  However, historically the value of tracts with recreational hunting access has increased.

Can I establish food plots, a campsite, ATV trails, or other improvements to the tract once I have licensed it?
In most cases, certain customary improvements are allowable within reason.  The license agreement and special conditions will be the standard for improvements on each tract.  It is the hunt clubs responsibility to understand the terms and conditions of the entire license agreement and to comply.  Should you have any questions about installing improvements to a tract; it is always better to call before you make the improvement.

Are there any limitations on the type of hunting stand that I may use?
You can use any type of commercially sold portable hunting stand or shooting house so long as it is used in a safe manner.  It is not the responsibility of AMPHuntingLand to ensure that you safely use your equipment.  Be sure that you have thoroughly read and understand the instructions for use that came with your stand.  No homemade stands may be used on property licensed from AMPHuntingLand.  No permanent stands may be used on property licensed from AMPHuntingLand.

When does my license agreement expire?
Your license agreement will expire on the date stated in the Term Section.  If you do not plan to renew your agreement; all personal property should be removed before 5:00 PM on the date of expiration for the agreement.

Do I have the opportunity to automatically renew my license agreement?
Unless otherwise noted in your agreement, you will be able to renew your agreement during the renewal term so long as you are in good standing with AMPHuntingLand.

Will there be people, other than my hunting club, on the tract that I have licensed during hunting season?
It is possible that there will be other licensees or employees of the landowner on the property at certain times during hunting season.  Reasons for their presence may include, but are not limited to, harvesting of timber or crops; routine land maintenance; checks to ensure hunting club compliance with license agreement terms; or other licensed activity. 

You should never confront anyone on the tract for any reason. If you have questions about the presence of others on the tract, you should always call 850-258-0042 with your tract number to confirm that the person or persons have cause to be on the tract.  No one should hunt on your licensed tract unless they are a member of your hunting club, and have signed a liability waiver.  Others hunting on the property will be considered trespassing and could be prosecuted.

Does the price for licensing the tract include liability insurance?
In most cases, the license price does not include liability insurance.  The comments section of the search result for the individual tract will say if the club will be responsible for securing liability insurance.

The FAQ section did not answer my question.  What should I do to find an answer?
Go to the “Contact Us” button on the menu bar and send us your question.  We will respond quickly with an answer.

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